Chris Moore


Owner and Founder of Fit For Life Exercise Physiology


Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Chris is a leader in the industry with extensive experience working with an over 50’s population dealing with varying forms of chronic health conditions. Through his involvement in a range of areas, he has developed extensive knowledge in assisting clients with lifestyle modification programs, injury rehabilitation and quality of life management using exercise as medicine.


Chris completed his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology at Murdoch University graduating in 2011, and further his post-graduate degree the following year in 2012, receiving First-class Honours. In the following years, Chris also spent time in an official role teaching at Murdoch University, delivering surface anatomy classes as a laboratory tutor.


Chris’ personal interests include tennis, football, basketball and travelling the world. Since graduating high school, Chris competed on the ITF professional tennis circuit from 2007 to 2009, travelling and competing in countries such as Spain, Portugal, England and Australia. In 2009, Chris captained the Murdoch University Men’s Tennis team to the gold medal at the Australian University Games. During Chris’ time at university, he was also the recipient of the Sports Science Award for Service and Dedication, 2 x Oxford Full Blue awards as well as the Maroon Award, which is the highest award Murdoch University awards it’s individual athletes.


You can contact Chris at c.moore@fitforlifeexphys.com.au